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The Survivalists
Release: 2020
Developer: Team17
Publisher: Team17
Game Version: v Build 621589 + Multiplayer
System Requirements:
OS: 7, 8, 10
Storage: 1 Gb
The Survivalists - survivalist in an open world. The game is part of The Escapists universe. A huge island full of mysteries and secrets awaits the player. The gameplay focuses on research, crafting items and equipment, building a house, and teaching monkeys. As in many games of this genre, it is necessary to fend off the predatory fauna that inhabits the area.

The gameplay has a dynamic change of day and night. The hero has stamina and hunger parameters. To get food for yourself, you need to hunt local animals. It is noteworthy that the hunt will be carried out on those animals that hunt for you. A mysterious stranger in the settlement issues various quests. Also, secondary tasks can be obtained by visiting the shore, which contains messages in a bottle.

Jungles are procedurally generated, creating new landscapes and wildlife. Multiplayer is available in The Survivalists, allowing players up to 4 people to survive in harsh conditions. Tasks will be available to all participants at once. The gameplay provides many ways to interact with each other, exchanging equipment, resources and loot. You can organize raids together and search for treasures throughout the territory. In ancient temples, you can find not only treasures, but also legendary equipment provided by swords and various reinforced weapons

Monkeys are hired as recruits capable of building, logging, or even serving as soldiers. They can be trained in any craft, including attacking neighboring settlements. Game features allow you to cook food, learn new abilities, craft a primitive ax, or mix a refreshing fruit cocktail to dampen hunger.
Gameplay Trailer:
The SurvivalistsThe SurvivalistsThe SurvivalistsThe SurvivalistsThe SurvivalistsThe Survivalists

Version: v Build 621589 + Multiplayer
Size: 351.86 Mb
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