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Shadow Blade: Reload
Release: 2015
Genre: Indie / Platformer
Developer: Dead mage
Publisher: Dead mage
Game Version: v from 03/14/16
System Requirements:
OS: XP (SP3)+
Processor: Intel Core Duo or faster
Graphics: Dedicated video card recommended
Memory: 1 Gb
Storage: 900 Mb
Shadow Blade: Reload Is an action platformer with dynamic gameplay in which you take control of Kuro, the last ninja of your clan. He knows a lot, because he studied with the wisest elder. To pass, you will need the skills of quick response and use of the environment for your own benefit..

At the start, they will show a cutscene where they will tell how Kuro escaped with an artifact of his clan when attacked by an outnumbered rival from the opposing clan. Because of this relic, the life of not only Kuro, but the entire universe will be in danger if he falls into the hands of bad people..

The levels, each of the 7 chapters, are abundantly filled with all kinds of traps and obstacles, as well as opponents from other ninja clans. The story will be presented in the style of comic screensavers. The reward at the end of each mission is issued based on three factors: the time of passage, the number of orbs collected at the location and the secrets found.

There are 3 difficulties: normal, hardcore and master class. Hardcore is unlocked for each level separately, after completing it on standard difficulty. The master class will become available after completing the entire game. Difficulties will lie not only in the increased strength of the enemies, but also in the number of traps. Open combat will become much more dangerous, the ability to build tactics around the stealth elimination of enemies will become more valuable. In addition to the story campaign, there is a challenge mode. These are specially created levels that are not used in the passage, to compare the skill of gamers in the leaderboard.
Gameplay Trailer:
Shadow Blade: ReloadShadow Blade: ReloadShadow Blade: ReloadShadow Blade: ReloadShadow Blade: Reload

Version: v from 03/14/16
Size: 1.20 Gb
reload, if the code cannot be seen