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Release: 2010
Developer: Raven Software
Publisher: Raven Software
Game Version: v 1.1
System Requirements:
OS: 7 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Dual Core 2.8 Ghz or AMD Ahtlon 64 x2 Dual-Core 4800+ or ​​better
Graphics: Fully compatible with DirectX 9.0c; with 256 Mb video memory and latest drivers *
Memory: 1 Gb for XP, 2 Gb for Vista / 7
First-person shooter with horror elements - Singularity - tells two stories at once. After the Second World War in the USSR, in order to keep up with the world powers, Stalin began developing Katorga-12. This is a research center on one of the hidden islands of Kamchatka. It was used to develop the E-99 resource, called Holmium in the game. Scientists who worked with Barisov were forgotten, while the presenter, Viktor Barisov, was awarded all sorts of orders, was awarded many awards, but after the change of power, the ruler of the country accelerated the development of E-99, which caused the most powerful singularity ejection in history..

Our hero in the present tense - 2010 - flies into the territory of Russia by helicopter, after which a failure occurs in the electrical system of the car, and it falls. The survivor finds himself on a desert island and tries to connect with his squad, but sees people fleeing from the epicenter of events, one of the people running towards them - Professor Demichev - mentions the termination of Katorga-12. The story of mutants begins.

Element-99 spawned a story about the surviving humans on the island, who fought the ghosts of those who had already been carried away by a terrible epidemic. The atmosphere on the island is the darkest, so the main character, the American fighter Renko, will have to fight against the monsters almost alone, sometimes with his friend Devlin.

From the arsenal of weapons we have all the Russian machine guns and rifles of the 1950s, as well as the latest developments at the time of 2010. Also in the game there is an MVP, which was developed by Barisov. It has 5 functions. The first is the age of the object or person. You can send a thing or a person to the past or the future, to age or rejuvenate. Use of impulse - in hand-to-hand combat is replaced by a directed release of energy. Chronoscanning - detection of traces of using the profit center. Freezing - creating a vacuum inside the playing field, which slows down the time inside itself. Back in time - rolls back the game system, but can take us back a few minutes.
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Version: v 1.1
Size: 3.87 Gb
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