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Unsung Warriors
Release: 2018
Developer: Unsung warriors
Publisher: Unsung warriors
Game Version: v 0.2
System Requirements:
OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core i3 2.00 GHz
Graphics: 1 Gb video memory supporting DirectX: 11
Memory: 2 Gb
Story Unsung warriors associated with the Iron Age and originated in ancient European cities. The hero will go on a dangerous but interesting adventure across various locations in order to find ancient tombs. They say that near the settlements of the Celts you can find a place full of the most valuable treasures of antiquity. The setting mixed elements of mythology and fairy tales of Europe along with fantasy.

In the process, the gamer will have the opportunity to explore the virtual universe, where there are many fascinating places. On the way of the character will meet numerous enemies and powerful bosses, the battle with them will not be easy. In battles, the hero will be able to use a large number of skills that are learned in the process, as well as weapons provided in the game. There is also an opportunity for crafting weapons, spells and various useful items for passing. Finding treasures, valuable things, killing enemies or completing side quests, the protagonist will be able to sell them to get money. In the store you can sell created items and purchase new ones..

The character will get acquainted with other inhabitants of this interesting world, with whom he will have to fight, for example, the tribes of barbarians, or will be able to make friends in order to continue the journey together. The final here completely depends on the chosen manner of passage, and on the choices that the player makes during the course. The gameplay is varied - the user can simply study the environment and everything that is hidden here, or move quickly, fighting and running away from opponents. Adventure offers solo playthrough or local co-op. In any case, you can enjoy beautiful landscapes, meet colorful characters and reveal all the secrets kept in the ancient world..
Gameplay Trailer:
Unsung WarriorsUnsung WarriorsUnsung Warriors

Version: v 0.2
Size: 125 Mb
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