Lobotomy Corporation | Monster Management Simulation torrent download

Lobotomy Corporation | Monster Management Simulation
Release: 2018
Developer: Project moon
Publisher: Project moon
Game Version: v
System Requirements:
OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Core i3 2.00 GHz
Graphics: 3D
Memory: 4 Gb
Lobotomy Corporation | Monster Management Simulation - an indie game with horror elements, the plot of which is based on the scientific development of scientists. It consists in the fact that, as it turned out, from the other world it is possible to extract the electrical energy necessary for humanity. Terrifying monsters and other creatures live in the laboratory, in which the game's actions take place. Let them escape from your cage..

Lobotomy Corporation Strategy | Monster Management Simulation will force the gamer to follow everything that happens on the screen at once, because the life of employees depends on one fatal mistake. Monsters regularly escape from captivity, and workers are either killed or driven mad. With crazy colleagues, too, there are often problems, because each character goes crazy in different ways and can attack colleagues or start destroying the premises..

All employees are given a weapon of suppression, which can be obtained from Anomalies. The secret base has many departments that are located at different levels. The first compartment concentrates the tiers of personnel management and security control, followed by the archives department. Each tier has its own dress code, scientists with a clearance are required.

The key character is a certain girl, Dr. Carmen, who founded the laboratory. It was she who brought out the Kogito substance, which allows you to track the Anomalies and get energy from them. At the lowest level, without cameras and workers, you can find a glass tank with this substance..
Gameplay Trailer:

Version: v
Size: 1.80 Gb
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