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OTHER: Her Loving Embrace
Release: 2022
Developer: Chimera Labs LLC
Publisher: Chimera Labs LLC
Game Version: v 8f
System Requirements:
OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10
Memory: 2 Gb
OTHER: Her Loving Embrace Is a role-playing adventure with an isometric camera set high above. Moving around the map in real time is combined with fights, which are made in the form of turn-based collisions, where the chosen tactics come to the fore. The setting is a fantasy world, the storyline of the single-player campaign is focused on one town called Chestertown and its large-scale environs, which were struck by inexplicable supernatural curses. Indie developers of the project "Other: Her Loving Embrace" made sure that the gameplay could be controlled using a controller.

The main characters of the story are an adult wizard in a mask, who does not reveal his face and name, and the boy Gershom. Such an unexpected duo turns out to be the only one who is able to resist the dark spirits that broke into the world of the living and terrorize the civilians of Chestertown. The user will have to go through a huge number of quests, clear ground locations and deep dungeons with valuable loot from mobs. Also, on the way of the heroes, puzzles of all kinds of difficulty levels are quite often encountered. Overcoming them requires attentiveness and well-developed logical thinking..
Gameplay Trailer:
OTHER- Her Loving EmbraceOTHER- Her Loving EmbraceOTHER- Her Loving EmbraceOTHER- Her Loving EmbraceOTHER- Her Loving EmbraceOTHER- Her Loving Embrace

Version: v 8f
Size: 46 Mb
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