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Fight'N Rage
Release: 2017
Developer: sebagamesdev
Publisher: sebagamesdev
Game Version: build 03.03.2021
System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Processor: Dual Core 2.4 GHz
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
Memory: 2 Gb
Storage: 300 Mb
Fight'N Rage - 2D beat-em-up in the style of classic arcade games of the last century, where you can join forces with three friends and fight back crime, clearing the streets of the city of chaos and violence. Heroes are able to carry out a huge number of a wide variety of combinations. The game features several alternative narrative branches, which depend on the selected characters.

The plot of Fight'N Rage will take several hours of real time. Learn simple combos with which you can juggle enemies and not give them a single chance to get to their feet. Control consists of three buttons: attack, jump and special attack. On the levels, you can collect in-game coins. They are needed in order to reveal hidden content: costumes, various difficulty settings and various gameplay modifications.

Up to 20 characters can be unlocked in additional modes. A training mode is available that allows you to master each individual hero and thoroughly study all its features. Each protagonist handles weapons in an individual style. The leaderboard is represented by a speedrun timer showing your best progress in terms of passing speed.

The battle score can only be increased by prolonged combos. The better you own the hero, the more bonus points you can get at the end of the storyline. There is VS Mode, which allows you to fight one on one. One of the main mechanics of combat is parrying. If you counterattack in time, you can inflict colossal damage to the enemy.
Gameplay Trailer:
Fight'N RageFight'N RageFight'N Rage

Version: build 03.03.2021
Size: 255 MB
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