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Mortyr 2
Release: 2004
Developer: Mirage Interactive
Publisher: Mirage Interactive
Game Version: v 1.350 / 1.352
System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Processor: 800 MHz
Graphics: 16 MB
Memory: 128 MB
Storage: 1.5 GB
Mortyr 2 - continuation of the original game, which came out several years after the original, which told about an alternative course of history after the events of the Second World War. New adventures will return the player to the vastness of this armed conflict, removing the time travel that was used in the starting part of the franchise. This product of the gaming industry, from the same developers at Mirage Interactive, continues the story arc of the first game a couple of years after the end of Mortars..

The gamer gets the role of the son of Jurgen, who served for a long time in the German government, but went over to the side of good - Sven, who was a virtual protégé before. On his shoulders lie down a serious operation. His American comrades will help him, because the destruction of the top-secret weapons of the Wehrmacht, with which the Nazis were going to enslave the world, is important for all mankind. In addition, the user must rescue Sven's father, who is working on the development of this death machine, and take him to a safe zone controlled by American troops..

The action is divided into a dozen levels with various goals, the achievement of which will be hindered by whole detachments of well-trained Germans who are ready to die for the idea. Artificial intelligence, which is responsible for controlling bots, is not endowed with the ability to use all kinds of tactical moves, which is why opponents attack in a straightforward manner, poorly hiding from the bullets of the protagonist and his allies.
Gameplay Trailer:
Mortyr 2Mortyr 2Mortyr 2

Version: v 1.350 / 1.352
Size: 550.9 Mb
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