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Lineage 2: Orfen
Release: 2015
Developer: NcSoft
Publisher: NcSoft
Game Version: v 180221.16.11.01
System Requirements:
OS: 7, 8, 10
Processor: Pentium 4 3.0 GHz
Graphics: GeForce FX6600
Memory: 1 Gb
Lineage 2: Orfen - Role-playing RPG action, in the genre of adventure with the possibility of multiplayer connection. This add-on is a numerous modification of the gameplay.

At the very beginning of the game, the user creates his own, unique character, choosing from several races and classes, and sets off to explore a huge open world, completely immersing himself in the entire gameplay. This universe is inhabited not only by other players, but also by hundreds of NPCs with whom you can communicate, complete numerous tasks or simply trade with them items obtained from mobs. As the character is pumped, they gain experience and level up, which gives access to new spells and improved equipment and weapons.

Multiple equipment can be obtained by knocking out monsters or buying from merchants and other players. Also, the gamer will be able to get mounts, including flying ones, to quickly move between locations. You can join a clan with other users, or create your own alliance. You can find a huge number of like-minded people and new friends in them..

This part has largely changed the general idea of ​​the gameplay. New locations, equipment, and many new bosses have been added. The combat mechanics have also been modified. Many legendary weapons have appeared, which can only be obtained by killing the corresponding beast. Paired classes and subclasses have been added to the game, which develop as you progress. Immerse yourself in an advanced, endless and filled with many adventures and dangers world, become a legendary hero and prove your strength and power.
Gameplay Trailer:
Lineage 2: OrfenLineage 2: OrfenLineage 2: Orfen

Version: v 180221.16.11.01
Size: 8.83 Gb
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